Bold, Unique, Juicy, Cloudy, Courageous, Vivid, Outstanding

We create beer for a new generation

What we do

About Brew Brothers

What type of beer will future generations drink? Probably not the same beer as today. The beer of the future needs to be new and exciting, it needs to protect the environment and since beer and technologies evolve, it should also taste better. Our brewery is aiming to create a beer just like that. Juicy, bold and just perfect!

Fresh unpasteurized and unfiltered beer. Exciting flavours and aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. Just how it was meant to be all along.

Our Mission

There is a new generation of beer drinkers that demand more from beer. Tradition is not enough, we need to prepare it for the future. To sit down and re-design beer. Find new types of hops and yeasts that can create even more taste. But the future of beer also means to think about the climate and make sure farmers get a fair income, no matter where in the world they are

Superior ingredients
We make no compromise when it comes to taste. We use the best hops and malts we can find on the market
Unique Flavours
We partner with hop farms and yeast labs to create unique flavours you won´t find or taste anywhere else
Planet Friendly
Emission free climate compensated beer produced without animal ingredients, good for you and the planet